Leveling the Playing Field



The Most Overt Payback in American History

A new Congress has convened. The majority party in power has changed in the Senate. Both houses of Congress are now controlled by the Republicans. The first order of business is “payback”. Rank, ugly, unadorned, undisguised political payback. The recipients—the Koch brothers. They see it as return on investment. Spending tens—perhaps hundreds—of millions of dollars… Read More

Leadership needed in Washington

The constant theme I have heard and read in this mid-term election is that we have no leadership from either party in Washington, D.C. Based on my 20 years of knowing Democratic Senate candidate Dave Domina, I have no doubt he can bring together enough Republicans in the U.S. Senate to understand and solve issues… Read More

Domina best choice for Nebraska

Rarely, have the voters of Nebraska had the opportunity to vote for a candidate, for any office in Nebraska, as qualified, knowledgeable, and articulate as Dave Domina. Dave was born in Nebraska and raised on the family farm. He is Nebraska-educated; and except for the time he served in the United States Army, Dave has… Read More

Chance of lifetime

David Domina is campaigning for a U.S. Senate seat to represent Nebraska. Over 10 years ago, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity of a front row seat beside Dave in a U.S. District courtroom in Montgomery, Alabama, representing the U.S Cattlemen in a class action lawsuit referred to as Pickett vs. Tyson, concerning… Read More

Moderate Domina Breaks Gridlock

This election Nebraska voters will decide whether to continue with business as usual or to elect a senator who will work to end the paralysis of the current Congress. Dave Domina would be a force to contend with in Washington. He has shown the ability to process vast information, synthesize it, understand the nuances of… Read More

Domina has solutions

Elections do matter, and for Nebraskans, the election of our next U.S. senator matters more than most. In one corner, we have Dave Domina, a lifelong Nebraskan who was born, raised and educated in Nebraska and who has worked as an attorney and established and sold businesses in Nebraska his entire life. In the opposite… Read More

Domina ready to fight for little guy

Over 10 years ago, I had the opportunity of a front-row seat beside Dave Domina, now a candidate for U.S. Senate, in a federal courtroom where he was representing cattlemen in a class-action lawsuit, Pickett vs. Tyson, concerning market concentration. Dave was practically the only attorney who had the courage and fortitude to take on… Read More

Letter: Set aside party preference

When it came to politics, my parents set for me a wonderful example. It did not matter to which political party a neighbor or friend belonged — everyone was welcome in our home to share ideas and engage in thoughtful, respectful conversation. Though registered Democrats, my parents knew there was another side to every story,… Read More

Dave Domina Completes 93 County Tour (Again), Still Shows Up For Nebraska Voters

(OCT. 25)—Following yet another week-long tour of the Panhandle and Western Nebraska, U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Domina announced last week he has now met with voters in all 93 counties, participating in scheduled events in all but a few. And though opponent Ben Sasse often cites the same achievement as justification for skipping a slew… Read More

Dave Domina the right candidate

I believe very highly in Dave Domina. Here is why I believe in him. He is a family man with Nebraska values. He has proven through debates and events that he has met individual voters to discuss the issues they have. He will represent Nebraska well as a U.S. senator. I believe that he is… Read More

Domina: Tax Loopholes Create ‘Corporate Deserters’

Norfolk Daily News – Michael Avok “Corporate deserters” are taking trillions of dollars per year from U.S. taxpayers, said David Domina, a candidate for the U.S. Senate. And the federal government is not only ignoring the problem, but also actively allowing it to happen, the former Norfolkan said. “We have to collect the corporate income… Read More

Sasse didn’t show up

As three candidates covered their hearts with their hands and bowed their heads to acknowledge the U.S. flag on stage at the senatorial debate in Hastings last Sunday night, it struck me that somebody’s patriotism was glaringly absent: Ben Sasse’s. By failing to show up for the debate, Sasse insulted not only the town of… Read More

Ben Sasse, running for public office or running from public debate?

On November 4, 2014, we will choose the next U.S. Senator to represent us in Washington for the next six years. I admire any candidate who throws their hat in the ring for such a high profile and important position. It takes courage, commitment and sacrifice. Candidates must undergo intense scrutiny, open themselves up for… Read More