Voting for candidate to break D.C. gridlock

As a lifelong conservative Democrat I have often found myself at odds with my party. If Nebraska had an open primary I would most definitely register as an Independent. Obamacare has been one of the issues I find myself passionate about – negatively passionate. However, those much smarter and more informed than myself tell me… Read More

Latino/a PAC in Nebraska backs Domina’s bid for Senate

The Latino/a PAC of Nebraska, an organization dedicated to bolstering the group’s political voice, unanimously endorsed Domina, said spokeswoman Athena Ramos. The Democratic candidate announced the endorsement Wednesday in Schuyler. Ramos said Domina embraces the group’s values of family, hard work, inclusion and building community. “There is a misperception that Latino issues are somehow different,”… Read More

Op Ed: Domina Proposes Solutions to Children Refugee Border Crisis

Perspective – As we Nebraskans relish the joys of BBQs, fireworks, summer celebrations, and well-earned vacations, a humanitarian crisis forms at our nation’s southern border. Fleeing murderous gangs in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, thousands of children are currently clinging for their lives on top of north-bound freight trains and wandering through the harsh deserts of… Read More