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Domina Calls For Reversal Of Ag Industry Consolidation

Agriculture needs a few good heroes willing to stand up to lawmakers and be heard in courts if America wants to address the increasingly consolidated industry and mega companies whose onerous contracts threaten producers, Omaha attorney Dave Domina said Friday. Domina challenged the University of Nebraska to educate a bold new generation of farmers and… Read More

Nebraska Landowners Stop KXL Eminent Domain Proceedings

Landowners Request for Temporary Injunction Granted Against TransCanada O’NEILL, Neb. – Nebraska State District Court Judge Mark Kozisek issued a Temporary Injunction today.  The Order halts condemnation cases along the proposed TransCanada Keystone Pipeline XL route in northern Nebraska. The Order followed a hearing in District Court at O’Neill NE, at which, for the first… Read More

Domina visits Beatrice to talk on Syngenta, Water issues

Domina Law Group visited Beatrice to talk about Syngenta and water issues on Thursday. Omaha-based lawyer Dave Domina spoke to a group of about 25 that morning at Aunt Mary’s Center. He presented the facts and claims of the Syngenta case, along with offering his opinion on the issues. Domina made it clear the discussion… Read More

Informational Meeting Held On Syngenta Lawsuit

Nebraska farmers got the facts about the lawsuits against Syngenta at an informational meeting last night in Hartington. Agricultural Lawyer Dave Domina told farmers there are more than 200 lawsuits to date against the technology provider for releasing the MIR-162 biotech event in corn before approval in China. However, he says the case isn’t a… Read More

The Most Overt Payback in American History

A new Congress has convened. The majority party in power has changed in the Senate. Both houses of Congress are now controlled by the Republicans. The first order of business is “payback”. Rank, ugly, unadorned, undisguised political payback. The recipients—the Koch brothers. They see it as return on investment. Spending tens—perhaps hundreds—of millions of dollars… Read More