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Practical Ideas – Strong Solutions

Dear Editor: I am a 54 year old man who has become quite jaded in my views toward politicians over the last several years. I hit the mute button on my television when a political ad for either party comes on; in fact, I know I speak for everyone in my circle of friends when… Read More

Domina has solutions

Elections do matter, and for Nebraskans, the election of our next U.S. senator matters more than most. In one corner, we have Dave Domina, a lifelong Nebraskan who was born, raised and educated in Nebraska and who has worked as an attorney and established and sold businesses in Nebraska his entire life. In the opposite… Read More

Letter: Set aside party preference

When it came to politics, my parents set for me a wonderful example. It did not matter to which political party a neighbor or friend belonged — everyone was welcome in our home to share ideas and engage in thoughtful, respectful conversation. Though registered Democrats, my parents knew there was another side to every story,… Read More

A Conversation With Dave Domina

Joe spoke with Dave Domina, running for the Democratic Party. The lawyer from Northeast Nebraska is well-known for his representation of local farmers in the Keystone XL Pipeline Case. Dave Domina is running for the state’s open US Senate seat. He understands the dynamics and challenges of getting elected as Democrat in a Republican stronghold… Read More

Domina: Tax Loopholes Create ‘Corporate Deserters’

Norfolk Daily News – Michael Avok “Corporate deserters” are taking trillions of dollars per year from U.S. taxpayers, said David Domina, a candidate for the U.S. Senate. And the federal government is not only ignoring the problem, but also actively allowing it to happen, the former Norfolkan said. “We have to collect the corporate income… Read More

Domina would go extra mile for voters

Domina would go extra mile for voters this November, Nebraska voters have a golden opportunity to send someone to Washington who is not a mouthpiece beholden to his party or a puppet controlled by big money. We have a chance to elect a man who respects and listens to all sides and alternatives, a man… Read More

Latino/a PAC in Nebraska backs Domina’s bid for Senate

The Latino/a PAC of Nebraska, an organization dedicated to bolstering the group’s political voice, unanimously endorsed Domina, said spokeswoman Athena Ramos. The Democratic candidate announced the endorsement Wednesday in Schuyler. Ramos said Domina embraces the group’s values of family, hard work, inclusion and building community. “There is a misperception that Latino issues are somehow different,”… Read More

“Great Debate” but Sasse a No-show

Hastings, NE – Billed as “The Great Debate” sponsors including League of Women Voters, Hastings Chamber of Commerce, YWCA, Area Retired Teachers, and the ‘We the People’ organization set up a fantastic and unique Town Hall Debate. The questions came exclusively from the audience. Questions were not pre-screened and require spontaneous answers, the ability to… Read More

Domina outlines his differences with opponent – Fremont Tribune

It doesn’t take Dave Domina long to explain what makes him different than his opponents in the race to become Nebraska’s next U.S. senator. “I’m a completely different kind of candidate than my opponent,” said Domina, the Democratic candidate in the Senate race. “I’m not financed by outside interests. I haven’t accepted money from huge… Read More