Leveling the Playing Field



Q&A – U.S. Senate candidate Dave Domina on his antitrust platform

Domina is not a stranger to competition laws. As a lawyer, he represented cattlemen in a 2004 antitrust trial in which a jury found that Tyson Foods Inc should pay $1.28 billion for price manipulation. A judge threw out the verdict as unlawful. Tyson, the largest U.S. meat processor by sales, is in the news… Read More

STAFF: Sasse’s absence sends message to students

Art by Mike Rendowski Being stood up is never fun. On Monday night, University of Nebraska-Lincoln students were stood up by the man who will likely be the next U.S. senator representing Nebraska. Dave Domina, Jim Jenkins and Todd Watson all made the drive to Lincoln and participated in an informal discussion on a range… Read More

‘Humble’ has more than one definition

I was fortunate to attend the senatorial debate Sunday night in the beautiful North Platte High School auditorium. [Republican] Candidate [Ben] Sasse repeatedly stated that Nebraskans want “humble” representation in Washington, D.C. In his final remarks, [Dave] Domina [Democrat candidate] correctly pointed out that rather than a “humble” surrender to the party line, Nebraskans need… Read More

Domina impressive

After watching a couple of debates for the U.S. Senate race, it is pretty clear to me that Dave Domina is the most competent, intelligent and articulate candidate we have had in decades. I feel he would represent us respectably. Ben Sasse didn’t even show up for some of the forums, and I don’t think… Read More

Domina a true statesman

I had the privilege of watching attorney Dave Domina in action in front of the Nebraska Supreme Court on Sept. 5. I was impressed by his ability to recall and succinctly present technical details and a convincing case with ease and without notes under rapid-fire questioning from the highest judges in our state.  When I… Read More

“Great Debate” but Sasse a No-show

Hastings, NE – Billed as “The Great Debate” sponsors including League of Women Voters, Hastings Chamber of Commerce, YWCA, Area Retired Teachers, and the ‘We the People’ organization set up a fantastic and unique Town Hall Debate. The questions came exclusively from the audience. Questions were not pre-screened and require spontaneous answers, the ability to… Read More

Domina outlines his differences with opponent – Fremont Tribune

It doesn’t take Dave Domina long to explain what makes him different than his opponents in the race to become Nebraska’s next U.S. senator. “I’m a completely different kind of candidate than my opponent,” said Domina, the Democratic candidate in the Senate race. “I’m not financed by outside interests. I haven’t accepted money from huge… Read More

Sasse, outside money

Sen. Mike Johanns said (LJS, May 16) that Ben Sasse needs to demonstrate that he is “passionately concerned about Nebraska.” Is Sasse truly concerned about Nebraska? Or is he a candidate who represents outside special interest groups and is wiling to let their money control what happens in our state? How will Ben Sasse, who… Read More

Comcast/Time Warner Cable Merger: Disaster for Consumers & Markets

Comcast wants to buy Time Warner Cable. If approved, this deal would create a television and Internet colossus like no other. “I vigorously oppose this transaction and respectfully urge federal authorities to stop it dead!”  Dave Domina said, Monday. Domina is a candidate for Nebraska’s U S Senate seat being vacated by Mike Johanns after… Read More

Increasing Opportunity for workers starts with increasing the minimum wage

Folks, Joe Jordan of Nebraska Watchdog recently asked Ben Sasse a simple question on a simple issue: ‘Do you support raising Nebraska’s minimum wage?’ Do you understand Mr. Sasse’s answer in the video below? The only part that makes much sense is the phrase ‘ladders of opportunity’ – a phrase Sasse cribbed from the White… Read More

Domina says voters will have a choice in Senate race

Democratic Senate nominee Dave Domina said Tuesday he will identify fundamental differences with Republican nominee Ben Sasse on issues vital to Nebraskans during the next five months. Domina said he’ll offer voters an opportunity for an independent, rather than a partisan, voice to represent them in Washington. Specifically, Domina said, he’ll point to differences on… Read More