Sasse didn’t show up

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As three candidates covered their hearts with their hands and bowed their heads to acknowledge the U.S. flag on stage at the senatorial debate in Hastings last Sunday night, it struck me that somebody’s patriotism was glaringly absent: Ben Sasse’s.

By failing to show up for the debate, Sasse insulted not only the town of Hastings but the entire state of Nebraska. How arrogant to simply ignore a request to discuss your own candidacy for one of the highest offices in the land.

Whether we take Ben Sasse by his word or his actions, it’s clear that Sasse’s “humility” is exactly the kind of humility Nebraskans don’t need.

An elderly woman pushing a walker was able to show up at the Hastings debate. She did her patriotic duty and participated in the democratic process. Recent leg surgery didn’t stop me, either. In fact, candidate Dave Domina held the door and thanked me for coming as I hobbled into the auditorium after a 2½ hour trip from rural Saunders County.

But I guess some of us are made of tougher — and more patriotic — stuff than Ben Sasse.

On Nov. 4, let’s remember that Ben Sasse didn’t show up for us.

– Nancy Meyer, Cedar Bluffs