Nebraska Farmers Consider Joining Syngenta Suits

Doniphan, NE – A lot of law firms are reaching out to corn producers all over the country as the case against Syngenta moves forward in federal court, leaving many landowners and growers with lots of questions. Omaha attorney Dave Domina says there’s interest from Nebraska farmers about what the pending lawsuits against the ag… Read More

Syngenta Lawsuit May Mean Recovery for Farmers

Doniphan, Neb. – Sunday afternoon, Omaha lawyer Dave Domina met with farmers in Doniphan, Nebraska to tell them about their options in filing a case against Syngenta. In 2009, Syngenta introduced a new trait of corn called MIR 162, making it resistant to certain pests. Domina says Syngenta’s Chief Executive Officer told farmers that the… Read More

They called him Johnnie

Public perception was against us – but I agreed to help… They called him John Wesley in the backwoods of Alabama. Back home in Nebraska, they called him a fugitive. Now two decades later, he goes by the name his parents gave him. Dennis Lewchuk. The name he made famous with a left-handed guitar and… Read More

Domina Calls For Reversal Of Ag Industry Consolidation

Agriculture needs a few good heroes willing to stand up to lawmakers and be heard in courts if America wants to address the increasingly consolidated industry and mega companies whose onerous contracts threaten producers, Omaha attorney Dave Domina said Friday. Domina challenged the University of Nebraska to educate a bold new generation of farmers and… Read More

Nebraska Landowners Stop KXL Eminent Domain Proceedings

Landowners Request for Temporary Injunction Granted Against TransCanada O’NEILL, Neb. – Nebraska State District Court Judge Mark Kozisek issued a Temporary Injunction today.  The Order halts condemnation cases along the proposed TransCanada Keystone Pipeline XL route in northern Nebraska. The Order followed a hearing in District Court at O’Neill NE, at which, for the first… Read More

Domina visits Beatrice to talk on Syngenta, Water issues

Domina Law Group visited Beatrice to talk about Syngenta and water issues on Thursday. Omaha-based lawyer Dave Domina spoke to a group of about 25 that morning at Aunt Mary’s Center. He presented the facts and claims of the Syngenta case, along with offering his opinion on the issues. Domina made it clear the discussion… Read More

Informational Meeting Held On Syngenta Lawsuit

Nebraska farmers got the facts about the lawsuits against Syngenta at an informational meeting last night in Hartington. Agricultural Lawyer Dave Domina told farmers there are more than 200 lawsuits to date against the technology provider for releasing the MIR-162 biotech event in corn before approval in China. However, he says the case isn’t a… Read More

The Most Overt Payback in American History

A new Congress has convened. The majority party in power has changed in the Senate. Both houses of Congress are now controlled by the Republicans. The first order of business is “payback”. Rank, ugly, unadorned, undisguised political payback. The recipients—the Koch brothers. They see it as return on investment. Spending tens—perhaps hundreds—of millions of dollars… Read More

MSNBC The Ed Show – Taking A Stand Against Big Oil & KXL

Landowners in Nebraska take a strong stand against the Keystone XL Pipeline refusing to let Canadian oil run through their farms. Ed Schultz traveled to the state to talk to the folks on the ground. Watch the video below to learn more about the real issues from the folks actually affected by this proposed project:… Read More

Leadership needed in Washington

The constant theme I have heard and read in this mid-term election is that we have no leadership from either party in Washington, D.C. Based on my 20 years of knowing Democratic Senate candidate Dave Domina, I have no doubt he can bring together enough Republicans in the U.S. Senate to understand and solve issues… Read More

I Support Domina

A 5th generation Republican in Nebraska has said (with regard to protecting the Ogallala aquifer from tar sands contamination) “there is no red or blue water, only clean water.” Many Nebraska Republicans that truly know the issues and what’s at stake in the election are saying “there is no Republicans and Democrats, only someone who… Read More

Domina best choice for Nebraska

Rarely, have the voters of Nebraska had the opportunity to vote for a candidate, for any office in Nebraska, as qualified, knowledgeable, and articulate as Dave Domina. Dave was born in Nebraska and raised on the family farm. He is Nebraska-educated; and except for the time he served in the United States Army, Dave has… Read More