Moderate Domina Breaks Gridlock

Vote Dave Domina

This election Nebraska voters will decide whether to continue with business as usual or to elect a senator who will work to end the paralysis of the current Congress. Dave Domina would be a force to contend with in Washington.

He has shown the ability to process vast information, synthesize it, understand the nuances of all angles, and develop logical steps to move forward. Numerous times he has stood alone before the Nebraska Supreme Court to argue a case, with clarity and precision, to defend the rights of our citizens.

Dave will work across the aisle to build coalitions and move legislation forward to solve the many problems that now paralyze Congress. He can do this because of his skills in working with people in a process, goal oriented way.

Unlike his main opponent, Dave has not signed any pledges with political pundits, brought in out-of-state figures of any political faction to endorse him, or taken large amounts of money from Super PACs of big banks and big corporations. These are all signs of a path to continued gridlock in Congress.

Politicians in both parties seem to believe that if their party can gain a majority in both houses of Congress, all problems are solved. This just “kicks the can down the road” and a functional government, where representatives reach compromise and build coalitions, is lost. Democratic government can only work when everyone is at the table.

Dave Domina will be a senator who will work with others to bring back our democratic government. It won’t be long before politicians and political analysts realize that the senator from Nebraska is a voice to be heard. Let’s elect Dave Domina.

By LeEllen Haynes, Grand Island