Nebraska Landowners Stop KXL Eminent Domain Proceedings

Landowners Request for Temporary Injunction Granted Against TransCanada O’NEILL, Neb. – Nebraska State District Court Judge Mark Kozisek issued a Temporary Injunction today.  The Order halts condemnation cases along the proposed TransCanada Keystone Pipeline XL route in northern Nebraska. The Order followed a hearing in District Court at O’Neill NE, at which, for the first… Read More

I Support Domina

A 5th generation Republican in Nebraska has said (with regard to protecting the Ogallala aquifer from tar sands contamination) “there is no red or blue water, only clean water.” Many Nebraska Republicans that truly know the issues and what’s at stake in the election are saying “there is no Republicans and Democrats, only someone who… Read More

Domina on KXL Pipeline After Argument to NE Supreme Court

Lincoln, Nebraska – “Today, I completed my responsibilities to Nebraska landowners by presenting to the Nebraska Supreme Court their case to strike an unconstitutional law.”  Dave Domina, lawyer for landowners suing the Governor and other State officials, made this observation. Domina’s statement came shortly after completing his oral argument on the case affecting the KXL… Read More

Op Ed: Domina Proposes Solutions to Children Refugee Border Crisis

Perspective – As we Nebraskans relish the joys of BBQs, fireworks, summer celebrations, and well-earned vacations, a humanitarian crisis forms at our nation’s southern border. Fleeing murderous gangs in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, thousands of children are currently clinging for their lives on top of north-bound freight trains and wandering through the harsh deserts of… Read More

Dave Domina: Defender of the Constitution and Property Rights

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, the race for Nebraska’s U.S. Senate seat wasn’t Democratic candidate Dave Domina’s top concern. That’s because a judge had just struck down the law that allowed the Keystone XL pipeline to cut through the state, and Domina was the attorney who won the case. Domina represented three landowners trying to block… Read More