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MSNBC The Ed Show – Taking A Stand Against Big Oil & KXL

Landowners in Nebraska take a strong stand against the Keystone XL Pipeline refusing to let Canadian oil run through their farms. Ed Schultz traveled to the state to talk to the folks on the ground. Watch the video below to learn more about the real issues from the folks actually affected by this proposed project:… Read More

Domina a hit at Harvest of Hope

I must first admit that the inspiration for this letter came from my observations of an extremely diverse group of Nebraskans who gathered together for the Harvest the Hope concert in Neligh two weekends ago. The eight thousand or so attendees congregated for many different causes. Many were there to see and hear the music… Read More

Domina on KXL Pipeline After Argument to NE Supreme Court

Lincoln, Nebraska – “Today, I completed my responsibilities to Nebraska landowners by presenting to the Nebraska Supreme Court their case to strike an unconstitutional law.”  Dave Domina, lawyer for landowners suing the Governor and other State officials, made this observation. Domina’s statement came shortly after completing his oral argument on the case affecting the KXL… Read More

Dave Domina: Defender of the Constitution and Property Rights

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, the race for Nebraska’s U.S. Senate seat wasn’t Democratic candidate Dave Domina’s top concern. That’s because a judge had just struck down the law that allowed the Keystone XL pipeline to cut through the state, and Domina was the attorney who won the case. Domina represented three landowners trying to block… Read More