Domina ready to fight for little guy

Over 10 years ago, I had the opportunity of a front-row seat beside Dave Domina, now a candidate for U.S. Senate, in a federal courtroom where he was representing cattlemen in a class-action lawsuit, Pickett vs. Tyson, concerning market concentration.

Dave was practically the only attorney who had the courage and fortitude to take on upward of 20 Tyson attorneys. We won a unanimous jury verdict but ultimately did not prevail because politically appointed judges reversed the jury.

Dave’s lifetime work has been helping small business — independent ranchers and farmers —- which is essentially Main Street rural America. Every independent rural citizen, regardless of party affiliation, should have a “Domina for Senate” sign hanging.

Educate yourself on the stark differences between Dave and his main opponent, Ben Sasse. Researching campaign financing would be a good start, as a large percentage of Sasse’s contributions come from out-of-state interests that are not friendly to Nebraska nor its No. 1 industry, agriculture.

I cannot think of a person better suited than Dave to turn a Senate full of dissenting Republicans and Democrats back into united Americans, which is long past due.

By Chris Abbott, Gordon, Neb.