Letter: Set aside party preference

When it came to politics, my parents set for me a wonderful example. It did not matter to which political party a neighbor or friend belonged — everyone was welcome in our home to share ideas and engage in thoughtful, respectful conversation.

Though registered Democrats, my parents knew there was another side to every story, many ways to look at things, other alternatives. My parents did not vote a straight party ticket if they weren’t confident the Democratic candidate would best represent their interests. Today, it pains me to see that attitude dwindling.

Ben Sasse has proved he has neither the confidence nor the judgment to serve as a Nebraska senator. The Sasse campaign said the Sept. 21 debate in Hastings was not one of the four debates mutually agreed upon by the candidates; therefore, Ben was not compelled to attend — and he didn’t.

I expect my Nebraska senators to go the extra mile on behalf of their state and country. If they cannot rise to the challenge, or do not want to, they should not run for office. I would hope Republicans and Democrats alike would find Sasse’s attitude problematic. I would hope we can all see the brighter alternative.

This November, Nebraska voters have a golden opportunity to send someone to Washington who is not a mouthpiece beholden to his party or a puppet controlled by big money, a man who respects and listens to all sides and alternatives, a man who makes decisions after thoughtful, careful consideration and a man who communicates clearly and genuinely.

On Election Day, I hope Nebraska voters set aside their party preference and do the right thing for Nebraska and the United States and vote for Dave Domina.

By Theresa Shepard, Omaha

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