Campaign Finance Reform



The Most Overt Payback in American History

A new Congress has convened. The majority party in power has changed in the Senate. Both houses of Congress are now controlled by the Republicans. The first order of business is “payback”. Rank, ugly, unadorned, undisguised political payback. The recipients—the Koch brothers. They see it as return on investment. Spending tens—perhaps hundreds—of millions of dollars… Read More

Farm boy turned top litigator Dave Domina makes low-key case to voters that he’s not ‘more of the same’

Attorney and U.S. Senate candidate Dave Domina is the conquering courtroom warrior, having notched one legal victory after another during his long career. This story is the latest in a Sunday series of Election 2014 candidate profiles. The name alone can churn the guts of an opposing attorney. Dave Domina, the Democratic candidate for U.S…. Read More

Letter: Domina has maturity

U.S. citizens are fed up with the gridlock and partisanship of the current do-nothing Congress. Before we throw stones, however, let us think about what Nebraskans can do to rectify the situation. Adults know you don’t always get your own way; conciliation and compromise are not dirty words. I fear that Ben Sasse would only… Read More

Real reason Sasse a no-show

Last Sunday, I organized and promoted a town hall event at the Hastings City Auditorium along with the League of Women Voters, Area Retired Teachers Association, YWCA, We The People Organization and the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce for the U.S. Senate candidates in Nebraska. The goal was to create an open forum in which… Read More

Domina says court empowers highest bidder

Democratic Senate candidate Dave Domina on Wednesday said the U.S. Supreme Court’s new campaign finance ruling “continues down the dangerous path of putting federal elections up for auction to the highest bidder.” That’s a pathway earlier established by the court in its Citizens United decision in 2010 that allowed corporations and labor unions to spend… Read More