Leadership needed in Washington

The constant theme I have heard and read in this mid-term election is that we have no leadership from either party in Washington, D.C.

Based on my 20 years of knowing Democratic Senate candidate Dave Domina, I have no doubt he can bring together enough Republicans in the U.S. Senate to understand and solve issues facing Nebraska while exercising the leadership to do what is necessary nationally.

As a registered Republican, I have the opportunity to vote for the man who I feel can make an immediate difference in Washington for the benefit of our country.

This kind of leadership ability is sorely short in Washington. None of the other candidates can honestly say they have this quality. Domina is a man of sincerity and substance who is needed in Washington equal to anytime in the history of Nebraska and the country. We do have the opportunity in Nebraska to make a difference by voting for Dave Domina.

Fred Lockwood, Scottsbluff

DAD Adovacte for All