Domina has solutions

Vote Dave Domina

Elections do matter, and for Nebraskans, the election of our next U.S. senator matters more than most. In one corner, we have Dave Domina, a lifelong Nebraskan who was born, raised and educated in Nebraska and who has worked as an attorney and established and sold businesses in Nebraska his entire life. In the opposite corner, we have Ben Sasse, who came back to Nebraska after his job in Washington, D.C. — it seems, in preparation for running for the open Senate seat.

Mr. Domina has chosen to run his campaign in an honest, straightforward manner, without accepting contributions from wealthy outside sources. On the other hand, Mr. Sasse’s objectivity and ability to legislate in the best interest of Nebraskans is already compromised due to his acceptance of millions of dollars from shadowy, out-of-state special interest groups and by signing Grover Norquist’s pledge. These groups have their own agenda — certainly not Nebraska’s — at heart.

Nebraska voters deserve to know where the candidates stand on the issues and how they react under pressure. Mr. Domina has appeared at every public candidate forum and did not shy away from the hard questions. Mr. Sasse, in contrast, has chosen to duck and run from many of those public forums, including the “Great Debate” in Hastings.

Mr. Domina offers positive, well-thought-out solutions for the many complex problems facing this nation. Mr. Sasse offers only negative buzzwords and phrases in order to gin up emotions, but no concrete solutions.

I urge voters not to shirk their responsibility as a U.S. citizen. Check out where these two candidates stand on the issues, then vote.

Susan Frazier, Fairmont