Dave Domina the right candidate

I believe very highly in Dave Domina. Here is why I believe in him. He is a family man with Nebraska values. He has proven through debates and events that he has met individual voters to discuss the issues they have. He will represent Nebraska well as a U.S. senator.

I believe that he is not a normal politician. He cares about the issues facing our nation and does not say what he does not mean. So when you hear the words that he will protect Social Security from Wall Street and veterans benefits to be paid in full, he means it.

Another reason I am backing him 100 percent is because he is one of the only candidates who includes everyone in his campaign, including people with disabilities which touches my heart completely.

Because people with disabilities are often left out of debates that affect everyone. As a person with a disability Domina has included me. I find this refreshing for a change.

He makes everyone feel like they are family. He knows the issues that affect me and my family.

Please do the research on the candidates and you will find out that Dave Domina is a person who believes in Nebraska and the people in it. Wouldn’t you want someone to represent this state that has the values that Dave Domina has? I know I do!

By Lynn Redding, Wood River

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