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Domina a true statesman

I had the privilege of watching attorney Dave Domina in action in front of the Nebraska Supreme Court on Sept. 5. I was impressed by his ability to recall and succinctly present technical details and a convincing case with ease and without notes under rapid-fire questioning from the highest judges in our state.  When I… Read More

Ben Sasse accused of ducking issues again

Just in case you’re still not sure who you’re voting for in the Nebraska Senate race, maybe, just maybe, the next debate will help you decide. After all this is the time of year — 40 some days ’til Election Day — when the TV ads start flowing and a lot of voters are just… Read More

Domina for Senate

This fall we have an opportunity to vote for an outstanding U.S. Senate candidate, Dave Domina. Dave is a person with outstanding intelligence, knowledge of the issues, integrity and speaking ability. He has compassion for those who need help and the common sense to support programs that work. Dave Domina served as an officer in… Read More

Domina opens campaign office in Norfolk

“I think we have a real chance.” With about seven weeks until the November general election, that’s how Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Dave Domina assesses the race for voter support. The Coleridge native and former Norfolk attorney was back in Norfolk on Tuesday to open a campaign office in the Centrum to further his efforts to… Read More

“Great Debate” but Sasse a No-show

Hastings, NE – Billed as “The Great Debate” sponsors including League of Women Voters, Hastings Chamber of Commerce, YWCA, Area Retired Teachers, and the ‘We the People’ organization set up a fantastic and unique Town Hall Debate. The questions came exclusively from the audience. Questions were not pre-screened and require spontaneous answers, the ability to… Read More

Domina outlines his differences with opponent – Fremont Tribune

It doesn’t take Dave Domina long to explain what makes him different than his opponents in the race to become Nebraska’s next U.S. senator. “I’m a completely different kind of candidate than my opponent,” said Domina, the Democratic candidate in the Senate race. “I’m not financed by outside interests. I haven’t accepted money from huge… Read More

The Farm Boy from Cedar County, David Domina is the Best Choice for Agriculture says Nebraska Farmers Union PAC

Lincoln, NE –  NEBFARMPAC, the political action committee of the Nebraska Farmers Union, Nebraska’s second largest general farm organization with over 6,000 farm and ranch families announced its unanimous and enthusiastic endorsement of David Domina for U.S. Senate in the General Election. The NEBFARMPAC Board of Directors issued the following statement: “David Domina was born… Read More

Domina on KXL Pipeline After Argument to NE Supreme Court

Lincoln, Nebraska – “Today, I completed my responsibilities to Nebraska landowners by presenting to the Nebraska Supreme Court their case to strike an unconstitutional law.”  Dave Domina, lawyer for landowners suing the Governor and other State officials, made this observation. Domina’s statement came shortly after completing his oral argument on the case affecting the KXL… Read More

Sasse, outside money

Sen. Mike Johanns said (LJS, May 16) that Ben Sasse needs to demonstrate that he is “passionately concerned about Nebraska.” Is Sasse truly concerned about Nebraska? Or is he a candidate who represents outside special interest groups and is wiling to let their money control what happens in our state? How will Ben Sasse, who… Read More