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Dave Domina Completes 93 County Tour (Again), Still Shows Up For Nebraska Voters

(OCT. 25)—Following yet another week-long tour of the Panhandle and Western Nebraska, U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Domina announced last week he has now met with voters in all 93 counties, participating in scheduled events in all but a few. And though opponent Ben Sasse often cites the same achievement as justification for skipping a slew… Read More

Domina: “Producers be wary! The EPA rule does not apply to most in ag.”

(OCT. 22)—“The EPA’s proposed rule implementing the U.S. Supreme Court’s definition of ‘Waters of the United States’ is distorted, misrepresented, and abused. This happens for both political and impure commercial reasons.” U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Domina, a well-known Nebraska lawyer with strong ties to the state’s livestock and grain producers, issued these cautions on Wednesday…. Read More

Domina Says G.I. Vets Home Should Stay, Second Federal Project Needed for Central NE

(OCT. 21)—Campaigning before a crowd of roughly 60 people—many of them veterans—at the Skagway Banquet Hall in Grand Island last Sunday, U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Domina said the Grand Island Veterans Home recently lost its federal funding due to “pure retributive politics by the incumbent governor of Nebraska.” Domina added that while the Veterans Home… Read More

Domina on KXL Pipeline After Argument to NE Supreme Court

Lincoln, Nebraska – “Today, I completed my responsibilities to Nebraska landowners by presenting to the Nebraska Supreme Court their case to strike an unconstitutional law.”  Dave Domina, lawyer for landowners suing the Governor and other State officials, made this observation. Domina’s statement came shortly after completing his oral argument on the case affecting the KXL… Read More

Comcast/Time Warner Cable Merger: Disaster for Consumers & Markets

Comcast wants to buy Time Warner Cable. If approved, this deal would create a television and Internet colossus like no other. “I vigorously oppose this transaction and respectfully urge federal authorities to stop it dead!”  Dave Domina said, Monday. Domina is a candidate for Nebraska’s U S Senate seat being vacated by Mike Johanns after… Read More

Dave Domina: Situation in Israel & Gaza

May I say a word about the tragic situation in Israel and Gaza. I speak as a friend of Israel and a friend of the Palestinian people. I disclose that I am the grandfather of two Jewish grandchildren and father in law of a distinguished professor of Jewish History at a major U.S. University. The… Read More

Op Ed: Domina Proposes Solutions to Children Refugee Border Crisis

Perspective – As we Nebraskans relish the joys of BBQs, fireworks, summer celebrations, and well-earned vacations, a humanitarian crisis forms at our nation’s southern border. Fleeing murderous gangs in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, thousands of children are currently clinging for their lives on top of north-bound freight trains and wandering through the harsh deserts of… Read More

Supreme Court Ruling Further Threatens Free Elections

Press Release – April 2, 2014 Today’s five – four ruling of the United States Supreme Court in McCutcheon v Fed Election Comm’n, (No. 12-536) “continues down the dangerous path of putting federal elections up for auction to the highest bidder, a path condoned by Citizens United v FEC.” The court struck down, as invalid,… Read More

Dave Domina Urges Medicaid Expansion & Wellness Act

Democratic Senate candidate Dave Domina on Monday urged the Legislature to enact legislation to expand Medicaid coverage to 54,000 Nebraskans who do not have health care coverage now. The Legislature will begin debate Tuesday on LB887, known as the Nebraska Wellness Act. An earlier Medicaid expansion proposal was trapped by a legislative filibuster last year…. Read More