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Nebraska Farmers Consider Joining Syngenta Suits

Doniphan, NE – A lot of law firms are reaching out to corn producers all over the country as the case against Syngenta moves forward in federal court, leaving many landowners and growers with lots of questions. Omaha attorney Dave Domina says there’s interest from Nebraska farmers about what the pending lawsuits against the ag… Read More

Syngenta Lawsuit May Mean Recovery for Farmers

Doniphan, Neb. – Sunday afternoon, Omaha lawyer Dave Domina met with farmers in Doniphan, Nebraska to tell them about their options in filing a case against Syngenta. In 2009, Syngenta introduced a new trait of corn called MIR 162, making it resistant to certain pests. Domina says Syngenta’s Chief Executive Officer told farmers that the… Read More