Keeping Promises



Domina best choice for Nebraska

Rarely, have the voters of Nebraska had the opportunity to vote for a candidate, for any office in Nebraska, as qualified, knowledgeable, and articulate as Dave Domina. Dave was born in Nebraska and raised on the family farm. He is Nebraska-educated; and except for the time he served in the United States Army, Dave has… Read More

The people speak

Do you want Wall Street to manage Social Security? How old were you when you received your Social Security card? I was 16 and needed the card to begin working in a hospital. I remember looking at the Social Security reports every few years and watching the contributions rise. I was promised this money would… Read More

Practical Ideas – Strong Solutions

Dear Editor: I am a 54 year old man who has become quite jaded in my views toward politicians over the last several years. I hit the mute button on my television when a political ad for either party comes on; in fact, I know I speak for everyone in my circle of friends when… Read More

A Conversation With Dave Domina

Joe spoke with Dave Domina, running for the Democratic Party. The lawyer from Northeast Nebraska is well-known for his representation of local farmers in the Keystone XL Pipeline Case. Dave Domina is running for the state’s open US Senate seat. He understands the dynamics and challenges of getting elected as Democrat in a Republican stronghold… Read More

Domina Says G.I. Vets Home Should Stay, Second Federal Project Needed for Central NE

(OCT. 21)—Campaigning before a crowd of roughly 60 people—many of them veterans—at the Skagway Banquet Hall in Grand Island last Sunday, U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Domina said the Grand Island Veterans Home recently lost its federal funding due to “pure retributive politics by the incumbent governor of Nebraska.” Domina added that while the Veterans Home… Read More

Sasse didn’t show up

As three candidates covered their hearts with their hands and bowed their heads to acknowledge the U.S. flag on stage at the senatorial debate in Hastings last Sunday night, it struck me that somebody’s patriotism was glaringly absent: Ben Sasse’s. By failing to show up for the debate, Sasse insulted not only the town of… Read More

STAFF: Sasse’s absence sends message to students

Art by Mike Rendowski Being stood up is never fun. On Monday night, University of Nebraska-Lincoln students were stood up by the man who will likely be the next U.S. senator representing Nebraska. Dave Domina, Jim Jenkins and Todd Watson all made the drive to Lincoln and participated in an informal discussion on a range… Read More

Latino/a PAC in Nebraska backs Domina’s bid for Senate

The Latino/a PAC of Nebraska, an organization dedicated to bolstering the group’s political voice, unanimously endorsed Domina, said spokeswoman Athena Ramos. The Democratic candidate announced the endorsement Wednesday in Schuyler. Ramos said Domina embraces the group’s values of family, hard work, inclusion and building community. “There is a misperception that Latino issues are somehow different,”… Read More

Real reason Sasse a no-show

Last Sunday, I organized and promoted a town hall event at the Hastings City Auditorium along with the League of Women Voters, Area Retired Teachers Association, YWCA, We The People Organization and the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce for the U.S. Senate candidates in Nebraska. The goal was to create an open forum in which… Read More

Domina outlines his differences with opponent – Fremont Tribune

It doesn’t take Dave Domina long to explain what makes him different than his opponents in the race to become Nebraska’s next U.S. senator. “I’m a completely different kind of candidate than my opponent,” said Domina, the Democratic candidate in the Senate race. “I’m not financed by outside interests. I haven’t accepted money from huge… Read More

Domina’s Social Security Plan Is Better

Aug. 14 marked the anniversary of one of America’s best-known and best-appreciated federal laws: the Social Security Act of 1935. Claiming Social Security benefits after 50 years in the workforce is the next stage of life for me. I have kept the faith that the program will be a stable and dependable source of income… Read More

Domina: Standing for the little guys

by George Lauby (North Platte Bulletin) David Domina has argued hundreds of cases in courtrooms across the country, often battling for the underdog. Now, he’s presenting his case to voters as he campaigns for the U.S. Senate. Domina, 63, began his legal career in 1973 as a lawyer in the Judge Advocate General Corps of… Read More

Op Ed: Domina Proposes Solutions to Children Refugee Border Crisis

Perspective – As we Nebraskans relish the joys of BBQs, fireworks, summer celebrations, and well-earned vacations, a humanitarian crisis forms at our nation’s southern border. Fleeing murderous gangs in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, thousands of children are currently clinging for their lives on top of north-bound freight trains and wandering through the harsh deserts of… Read More

Dave Domina makes campaign stop in Beatrice

Democratic Senate candidate Dave Domina stopped in Beatrice Tuesday evening, July 15, at Aunt Mary’s Center for a dinner and a speech with Gage County Democrats. Domina is running for the Nebraskan Senate seat being vacated by current senator Mike Johanns at the end of his term. His opponent is Republican Ben Sasse. “I don’t… Read More