STAFF: Sasse’s absence sends message to students

Being stood up is never fun.

empty chair DNArt by Mike Rendowski

Being stood up is never fun.

On Monday night, University of Nebraska-Lincoln students were stood up by the man who will likely be the next U.S. senator representing Nebraska. Dave Domina, Jim Jenkins and Todd Watson all made the drive to Lincoln and participated in an informal discussion on a range of issues.

Despite multiple attempts by the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska – including delaying the event – the Sasse campaign did not add it to their schedule.

This wasn’t a surprise.

Sasse didn’t show up to a debate in Hastings earlier in the campaign.

Having what amounted to an empty chair at the table sends a message to students. It’s saying that we aren’t worth their time.

As students of Nebraska’s largest university, many of us aspire to achieve great things and affect change in our communities. A large part of that is communicating with current and future leaders and learning from them.

As president of Midland University, Sasse would have had an interesting perspective on education. His thoughts on student loans and access to higher education would have been great to hear.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have that opportunity.

Yes, it is understandable that Sasse would tone down his campaign. After all, victory is in sight; The Washington Post went as far as calling Sasse “Nebraska’s next Senator” the day after he won his primary and FiveThirtyEight said Sasse has a more than 99 percent chance of winning.

So, come next January, if Sasse moves into the Dirksen or Hart office building, students will remember something.

We’ll remember that he stood us up.