Practical Ideas – Strong Solutions

Dear Editor:

I am a 54 year old man who has become quite jaded in my views toward politicians over the last several years. I hit the mute button on my television when a political ad for either party comes on; in fact, I know I speak for everyone in my circle of friends when I say we are all sick of the same old same old political circus.

Then one day, I saw a post on Facebook by a fellow I had never heard of, Dave Domina. His post on Social Security caught my attention. We are currently bombarded by people saying that Social Security is an entitlement program, not an earned benefit. Others are posting the virtues of privatization. No one mentions how the Social Security Trust Fund has been raided over the years, nor how money has been shifted from one column (Social Security) to another (name your pet government project), without being repaid.

Domina’s message however is clear and concise, and he has laid out practical ideas that address this issue. Having been employed in the arts for most of my working life, I don’t have a retirement account. Like many people there was no money to put aside for the future. But we always knew in our old age, we would at least be able to count on Social Security. It was a promise made to us.

Now politicians, (with their own financial futures secure), want to take Social Security away. After further research into Mr. Domina, I now believe I have a person I can support for office. His views are rational and reasonable. And now, when I see his face on a commercial, I don’t hit the mute button.


Jonathan Wilhoft, Omaha