Dave Domina makes campaign stop in Beatrice

"The Nebraska Senate seat is not for sale to Wall Street bankers," Domina said. "My opponent needs to hear that."


Democratic Senate candidate Dave Domina stopped in Beatrice Tuesday evening, July 15, at Aunt Mary’s Center for a dinner and a speech with Gage County Democrats.

Domina is running for the Nebraskan Senate seat being vacated by current senator Mike Johanns at the end of his term. His opponent is Republican Ben Sasse.

“I don’t know if anyone’s more interested in this race than the people of Gage County,” Domina said. “People are starting to realize there’s a clear difference in the candidates.”

Domina previously made a stop in Beatrice on June 1 at the Kensington, which about 10 people showed up to. The event at Aunt Mary’s on Tuesday, however, saw nearly 10 times that many attendees. This is partly due to efforts by the Gage County Democratic Party.

“We’ve really worked the phones,” said Tom Dorsch, Gage County Democratic Party chairman. “You have to make that outreach to get people to turn out.”
Dorsch says he thinks Domina is the best candidate for Senate Nebraska Democrats have had in a long while.

“Domina’s a Nebraskan,” he said. “You can’t call him a carpetbagger.”

Domina, the head of Domina Law Group in Omaha, is running on a platform that favors protecting Medicare and Social Security, favors balancing the budget, bringing traditionally American jobs back to the U.S. and passing a comprehensive Farm Bill.

“The Farm Bill is a five-year agreement, and Senate terms are six years,” Domina said. “That makes the Farm Bill an issue in this election.”

After a social hour and dinner at Aunt Mary’s, Domina’s speech focused on tax reform, inter-party cooperation and fiscal responsibility. He also emphasized the connection between Sasse and FreedomWorks, a Political Action Committee funding Sasse’s campaign which Domina says is “categorically opposed to there ever being another Farm Bill.”

“The Nebraska Senate seat is not for sale to Wall Street bankers,” Domina said. “My opponent needs to hear that.”

The event was attended by candidate for Nebraska Legislature Roy Baker, as well as current senator Norm Wallman.

The General Election is Nov. 4, 2014.

By Casey Welsch/ Daily Sun staff writer