What? Ben Sasse’s plan to dismantle Social Security?

This morning – less than 24 hours before voting ends at 8pm on November 4th, in Nebraska’s Senatorial election – Ben Sasse published an opinion piece in the conservative National Review Online outlining a “bold agenda” for the next U.S. Senate. Sasse’s agenda is extreme, and his first priority is to destroy the most successful government program in the history of the United States: Social Security.

Sasse’s agenda is predicated on a distortion of the facts. The American Social Security system is far from insolvent. In fact, the very reason Sasse opposes Social Security is that the system works so well. Sasse – and his Wall Street donors – are trying to turn the clock back 100 years in America’s history and profit off your safety net.

They are dedicated to a vision of American society in which the government has no role in improving the lives of Americans and big business calls all of the shots. Social Security is a threat to this vision because it works, and because Americans know that it does.

I cherish Social Security for its stability, reliability, and its promise to those who have planned their lives assuming that Social Security is as dependable as the United States itself. Keeping our promises has been my battle cry since day one. A great country keeps its promises! Read one of my articles on protecting Social Security –> READ.

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