Domina’s Social Security Plan Is Better

Aug. 14 marked the anniversary of one of America’s best-known and best-appreciated federal laws: the Social Security Act of 1935.

Claiming Social Security benefits after 50 years in the workforce is the next stage of life for me. I have kept the faith that the program will be a stable and dependable source of income in my retirement years.

U.S. Senate candidate Ben Sasse has said his plan to address projected Social Security shortfalls is to raise the eligibility age for younger workers, reduce benefits to those more than a decade away from retirement and privatize some portion of the program (May 4 World-Herald).

That concerns me greatly.

Candidate Dave Domina proposes to address Social Security shortfalls by working to bring exported jobs back to the U.S., thus returning the taxes those workers pay to Social Security’s trust fund, and by raising the federal minimum wage.

These solutions are realistic and workable.

I am supporting Domina for Senate because he will strengthen Social Security and keep America’s promise to workers.

– Karen Rafferty, Omaha

Response from Dave:

Karen – Thank you for your support of my common sense solution. A great country keeps its promises. If folks can get focused on the bigger factors in play such as the exportation of American jobs overseas negatively impacting the Social Security trust fund rather than soundbites from talking heads we can make progress as a nation.

– Dave

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