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Do you want Wall Street to manage Social Security?

How old were you when you received your Social Security card? I was 16 and needed the card to begin working in a hospital.

I remember looking at the Social Security reports every few years and watching the contributions rise. I was promised this money would be available to me in retirement and it is.

Our U.S. Senate candidates Dave Domina and Ben Sasse have different views on Social Security. Here is an opportunity for you to vote on a Senate candidate based on their Social Security views.

AARP magazine printed articles from Nebraska newspapers with their views. Here is how each candidate stood on the issue.

Dave Domina said Social Security’s earning cap is too low. He said Social Security should not be called an “entitlement” and the program should not be cut or privatized. “It is a promise that was made to the people of the United States,” Domina said.

“It was earned by many who count on it. It must be protected.” (Source: Norfolk Daily News,

Ben Sasse said he could support some form of means testing as part of a broader package. … “When the Congress has over promised, we should make sure that the poorest and sickest among us are taken care of first. He endorsed some form of privatization. (Source: Omaha World-Herald,

The definition of privatization is shifting money collected to support the program into private-sector investments.

For our children and grandchildren, do you want to give Social Security to the Wall Street bankers that brought us the 2008 crash? I believe the U.S. government is more reliable than investing in Wall Street. My choice for U.S. Senate is Dave Domina. What is yours?

Judy Trautwein, Columbus

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