Watch: Dave’s Channel 7 KETV In-depth Interview

Why Dave? Watch & You Will be a Believer!

What kind of a U.S. Senator do we need? Look at how they think, evaluate their life experiences & how they have helped.

If voters watch this video, Dave will be our next U.S. Senator.

It’s time for a reasonable, thoughtful, & substantive voice – not Mr. Sasse who is supported by the most politically extreme members of the Senate including Ted Cruz & Mike Lee, aka “Shutdown the Government Senators”. You may recall Sen. Cruz reading Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham during a fake filibuster on the Senator floor to an empty chamber.

Gridlock is what we must prevent not encourage with political extremes on either side of the spectrum. Dave Domina is a life-long Nebraskan ready to lead & will advocate for you!

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DAD Chronicle Interview