“Great Debate” but Sasse a No-show

Debate Pic For Website

Hastings, NE – Billed as “The Great Debate” sponsors including League of Women Voters, Hastings Chamber of Commerce, YWCA, Area Retired Teachers, and the ‘We the People’ organization set up a fantastic and unique Town Hall Debate.

The questions came exclusively from the audience. Questions were not pre-screened and require spontaneous answers, the ability to think on one’s feet, and sound bites need not apply.

Dave Domina, Jim Jenkins, and Todd Watson appeared and engaged in democracy. Ben Sasse did not. Ben Sasse refused this debate despite being invited months ago by the sponsors. Dave has offered to debate Mr. Sasse anywhere, anytime, on any topic. No answer.

Folks, there is no candidate with greater breadth of experience and track record of being independent and thoughtful with a reasonable and moderate voice. The job of a U.S. Senator is to solve complicated legal problems – this is Dave’s life work.

We have the chance to send our best. It’s time to set aside partisan bickering and send our most thoughtful and capable advocate.