I’m a mom with 3 Jobs & I am offended by Ben Sasse’s View of Nebraska

From: Judy Dlouhy
Sent: Monday, November 3, 2014 1:14 PM
Subject: Ben Saase Commercial

My name is Judy Dlouhy and I would like to voice my opinion on a commercial that Ben Sasse is currently running on television. The message centers on the fact that the people from Nebraska hold a strong work ethic. It speaks of the farmer waking early to get his work done and the single mom holding down a third job to be able to send her daughter to volleyball camp.

I take great offense to the commercial and the message it implies. Why, in the great state of Nebraska, does a single mother have to work three jobs simply to send her daughter to volleyball camp? We, in Nebraska, all know why.

And it is outrageous! Perhaps paying this woman a living wage rather than a minimum wage would help her in being able to not only send her daughter to volleyball camp but would allow her to simply see her children before they go to bed at night.

The fact that Ben Sasse finds this not only ok, but would brag about it during a self-promotion advertisement to get himself elected into congress is not only disappointing but shows how out of touch he really is with the people living in Nebraska.

Dave Domina, you have my vote on November 4th.



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Mr. Sasse failed to show up or stand up 10 times.

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Mr. Sasse is funded by big outside money and Special Interest groups. (Below list groups from July 1st to September 30th).

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