Domina a true statesman

Dave and Supporter w Tshirt

I had the privilege of watching attorney Dave Domina in action in front of the Nebraska Supreme Court on Sept. 5. I was impressed by his ability to recall and succinctly present technical details and a convincing case with ease and without notes under rapid-fire questioning from the highest judges in our state.

 When I was a child in school, I was convinced that the people who represent us in Washington spoke and acted exactly the way Domina did in court that day. I grew up believing that all our senators were as intelligent, well informed, well spoken and well prepared as is obviously natural to Domina.

Domina’s performance at the State Capitol perfectly exemplified what I was told by a Democrat and farmer in Pilger, “Domina is a true statesman.”

Another farmer, a Republican in Red Cloud, has also seen Domina’s performances in court. He told me, “To me, Dave Domina is Abe Lincoln.”

If Lincoln were alive today, I think Nebraskans would choose him to represent them. Let’s remember what we were taught to expect from our elected officials. Let’s elect Domina to the U.S. Senate this November. We need a public servant who is a true statesman.

-Nancy Meyer, Cedar Bluffs