Increasing Opportunity for workers starts with increasing the minimum wage

Folks, Joe Jordan of Nebraska Watchdog recently asked Ben Sasse a simple question on a simple issue: ‘Do you support raising Nebraska’s minimum wage?’ Do you understand Mr. Sasse’s answer in the video below?

The only part that makes much sense is the phrase ‘ladders of opportunity’ – a phrase Sasse cribbed from the White House plan to create economic opportunity for all.  See the citation HERE

However, the first rung on the “ladder(s) of opportunity” is increasing the federal minimum wage to $10.10/hr. Mr. Sasse is against raising the minimum wage and against providing this opportunity for millions of Americans to be independent of federal aid.

Nebraskans know any ladder of opportunity includes a wage that is a meaningful alternative to poverty.

Mr. Sasse doesn’t. Sasse is beholden to the outsiders supporting his campaign. He has been away from Nebraska too long, spending too much time in D.C. – he’s out of touch with Nebraska and he’s out of touch with you.

For perspective on Raising the Minimum Wage from a lifelong Nebraskan who has stood with and fought for ten’s of thousands of hardworking Americans against big and better funded opponents and won – watch:

You want something to change in Washington? The difference is Domina.