Sasse, outside money

Nation of People

Sen. Mike Johanns said (LJS, May 16) that Ben Sasse needs to demonstrate that he is “passionately concerned about Nebraska.” Is Sasse truly concerned about Nebraska? Or is he a candidate who represents outside special interest groups and is wiling to let their money control what happens in our state?

How will Ben Sasse, who has spent all of his adult life outside Nebraska except for the few years that he was at Midland University, represent the true interests of Nebraskans? For all intents and purposes, he came to Nebraska prepared to run for the Senate, the ultimate politician.

Sadly for Nebraskans, it would appear that Sasse has not heeded Johanns’ advice. He is still accepting money from outside sources, specifically the Senate Conservative Fund, FreedomWorks, Citizens United and the Club for Growth. It is clear that Ben Sasse is only interested in being elected by Nebraskans, not in fighting for their interests.

So who is a true Nebraskan? Dave Domina has lived in Nebraska his entire life and understands that giving in to big money from outside interests is not what Nebraskans want. He has repeatedly shown throughout his career that he represents Nebraskans, the little guy, the farmer and the rancher, the community banker, the small business owner and many more.

Let’s elect Dave Domina, someone who is truly of the people and for the people, not someone who is just in it for personal gain.

Erica D. Birky, Lincoln