I Support Domina

A 5th generation Republican in Nebraska has said (with regard to protecting the Ogallala aquifer from tar sands contamination) “there is no red or blue water, only clean water.”

Many Nebraska Republicans that truly know the issues and what’s at stake in the election are saying “there is no Republicans and Democrats, only someone who will represent the people of this state.”

Debate is part of our Democratic process as a candidate and as an elected Senator. There is not democracy without debate. Sasse does not respect the democratic process enough to give notice or to show up for the debate in Hastings, as well as a handful of other community forums.

A debate would require Sasse to engage and that would expose his true agenda. This is something he does not want to do when he can afford millions of dollars of 30 second defamatory ads sweeping the television before the election. What Sasse can and will continue to do if elected, is take huge amounts of money from the very rich “out of state constituents” to propagate their anti Nebraskan agenda. Who Sasse takes money from is who he will represent.

Nebraska citizens — the only candidate that qualifies to represent Nebraska in the Senate is David Domina He has demonstrated his loyalty and abilities representing people of Nebraska all his professional life. Nebraska people are smarter than anyone predicts and they are going to turn our state purple.

By Donna Roller, Lincoln

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