A Conversation With Dave Domina

Joe spoke with Dave Domina, running for the Democratic Party. The lawyer from Northeast Nebraska is well-known for his representation of local farmers in the Keystone XL Pipeline Case. Dave Domina is running for the state’s open US Senate seat. He understands the dynamics and challenges of getting elected as Democrat in a Republican stronghold… Read More

Domina knows guns

Why would a gun owner vote for a Democrat? In my case it’s because Dave Domina is more aware of, and sympathetic to, the legitimate concerns of gun owners in Nebraska than is his Republican rival. The Republican candidate badly flubbed two easy questions about gun policy shortly after he received an NRA endorsement. He… Read More

Domina: “Producers be wary! The EPA rule does not apply to most in ag.”

(OCT. 22)—“The EPA’s proposed rule implementing the U.S. Supreme Court’s definition of ‘Waters of the United States’ is distorted, misrepresented, and abused. This happens for both political and impure commercial reasons.” U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Domina, a well-known Nebraska lawyer with strong ties to the state’s livestock and grain producers, issued these cautions on Wednesday…. Read More

Domina Says G.I. Vets Home Should Stay, Second Federal Project Needed for Central NE

(OCT. 21)—Campaigning before a crowd of roughly 60 people—many of them veterans—at the Skagway Banquet Hall in Grand Island last Sunday, U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Domina said the Grand Island Veterans Home recently lost its federal funding due to “pure retributive politics by the incumbent governor of Nebraska.” Domina added that while the Veterans Home… Read More

Domina for agriculture

I took offense to John Miller’s Oct. 5 letter, “Sasse for agriculture.” Of the four U.S. Senate candidates, Ben Sasse may arguably have the worst ag resume. The most important thing Nebraskans need to understand is that Ben Sasse is the only candidate who is being funded by the Club for Growth, which has been… Read More

I’m not really impressed with Sasse

I’m not saying Sasse is stupid, just ignorant. I base this on Sasse’s own words. During the debate he repeatedly said he did not know what his opponents were talking about, even though it was crystal clear to those of us in the audience. Worse, when asked by a panelist about the gun show loophole,… Read More

Domina: Tax Loopholes Create ‘Corporate Deserters’

Norfolk Daily News – Michael Avok “Corporate deserters” are taking trillions of dollars per year from U.S. taxpayers, said David Domina, a candidate for the U.S. Senate. And the federal government is not only ignoring the problem, but also actively allowing it to happen, the former Norfolkan said. “We have to collect the corporate income… Read More

Sasse didn’t show up

As three candidates covered their hearts with their hands and bowed their heads to acknowledge the U.S. flag on stage at the senatorial debate in Hastings last Sunday night, it struck me that somebody’s patriotism was glaringly absent: Ben Sasse’s. By failing to show up for the debate, Sasse insulted not only the town of… Read More

Ben Sasse, running for public office or running from public debate?

On November 4, 2014, we will choose the next U.S. Senator to represent us in Washington for the next six years. I admire any candidate who throws their hat in the ring for such a high profile and important position. It takes courage, commitment and sacrifice. Candidates must undergo intense scrutiny, open themselves up for… Read More

Q&A – U.S. Senate candidate Dave Domina on his antitrust platform

Domina is not a stranger to competition laws. As a lawyer, he represented cattlemen in a 2004 antitrust trial in which a jury found that Tyson Foods Inc should pay $1.28 billion for price manipulation. A judge threw out the verdict as unlawful. Tyson, the largest U.S. meat processor by sales, is in the news… Read More

Domina stands up for rural voices

David Domina is campaigning for a U.S. Senate seat to represent Nebraska. Over 10 years ago, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity of a front row seat beside Dave in a U.S. District courtroom in Montgomery, Alabama, representing the U.S. Cattlemen in a class action lawsuit referred to as Pickett vs. Tyson, concerning… Read More

Nebraska Senate seat not for sale

Last weekend, candidates for the U.S. Senate took the stage in Hastings to share their ideas and differences with voters, yet there was one question throughout the night that was never answered on stage, “Where is Ben Sasse”? The question dominated social media. This wasn’t the first time that Mr. Sasse has skipped out on… Read More

Letter, 10/12: Domina a statesman

I am heartily pleased to support David Domina, who is a statesman in every positive sense of the word, for the United States Senate. In addition to his fully demonstrated civic mindedness, his exacting personal and professional standards and his documented legal talents that have earned him the high respect and admiration of the legal… Read More

NEA endorses Domina in Senate race

The National Education Association’s political action committee has endorsed Democratic nominee Dave Domina in Nebraska’s Senate race. Domina has demonstrated his commitment to children and public education, the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education said Tuesday in expressing its support for him. NEA represents 3 million elementary and secondary teachers and other educators. Its Nebraska… Read More

STAFF: Sasse’s absence sends message to students

Art by Mike Rendowski Being stood up is never fun. On Monday night, University of Nebraska-Lincoln students were stood up by the man who will likely be the next U.S. senator representing Nebraska. Dave Domina, Jim Jenkins and Todd Watson all made the drive to Lincoln and participated in an informal discussion on a range… Read More

Domina would go extra mile for voters

Domina would go extra mile for voters this November, Nebraska voters have a golden opportunity to send someone to Washington who is not a mouthpiece beholden to his party or a puppet controlled by big money. We have a chance to elect a man who respects and listens to all sides and alternatives, a man… Read More