Domina for agriculture

I took offense to John Miller’s Oct. 5 letter, “Sasse for agriculture.” Of the four U.S. Senate candidates, Ben Sasse may arguably have the worst ag resume.

The most important thing Nebraskans need to understand is that Ben Sasse is the only candidate who is being funded by the Club for Growth, which has been the primary leader over the past decade wanting to eliminate all federal farm programs. The demise of a support system at a time when commodity trends are dropping could lead to numerous family farms and ranches going under. Anyone bought and paid for by Club for Growth is NO friend to Nebraska farmers and ranchers.

In contrast, Dave Domina grew up on a family farm outside of Coleridge. It still remains in his family, and Domina has spent a good part of his career representing farmers, ranchers and rural people. Domina would provide a much needed rural voice to the U.S. Senate, something that is desperately needed at this time.

By Jerry Stodola, Lincoln