Dave Domina: Situation in Israel & Gaza

Comments of Dave Domina to Fremont Rotary on 7/25/14:

May I say a word about the tragic situation in Israel and Gaza.

I speak as a friend of Israel and a friend of the Palestinian people. I disclose that I am the grandfather of two Jewish grandchildren and father in law of a distinguished professor of Jewish History at a major U.S. University.

The murder of the three Israeli teenagers at the start of this cycle of violence was an appalling and brutal act. The rocket attacks by Hamas from Gaza are unjustifiable, outrageous and an act of terror. I defend Israel’s right to defend itself and its people against these attacks.

But I simply cannot withhold comment on what is unfolding in Gaza: the mounting death toll of innocent Palestinian civilians. I opposed the latest Israeli incursion into Gaza because, despite the extreme provocation from Hamas, I feared it would lead to deaths of the innocent, and become a recruiting rallying cry for the cause of Hamas.

The tragedy yesterday at the UN school is a horrific example of precisely what many feared: the death, destruction and mayhem resulting from the escalation of violence.

Now it is spreading to East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The international community must be allowed immediate access to provide medical assistance to the wounded and in the longer term we need reconstruction of destroyed homes, hospitals, schools and infrastructure.

Both sides must realize there is no military solution here. It is time to stop fighting, start talking, think and find the solution.

We, the American people, must support the President and Secretary of State, and speak as a nation… as the United States… in seeking meaningful negotiations and a two state solution.

There is no other solution.