Honoring Young Peoples’ Right to Vote!


Dave Domina Honors 43rd Anniversary of the 26th Amendment

Honoring Young Peoples’ Right to Vote!

Omaha & Lincoln – U.S. Senate Candidate and Army Veteran Dave Domina recognized and honored the ratification of the 26th Amendment, which gave young men and women aged 18 the right to vote in the midst of the Vietnam War.  Domina honored the 26th Amendment, veterans, and young people at Elmwood Park Pavilion in Omaha and at the Nebraska State Capitol as he campaigns to represent all Nebraskans and not just a select few.

“Many young people fought and died for our country but did not have the right to exercise their right to vote.  The 26th Amendment recognized that the young people who were old enough to risk their lives deserved the right to take part in our country’s democracy,” said Domina. “Today, we are here to honor those who gave their lives for freedom, recognize those who fought to empower our future generations, and celebrate young peoples’ participation in democracy.”

Special guests included: U.S. Army Veteran & Omaha Tribal Member Stacey Stabler and Winnebago Tribal Member & Activist Frank LaMere.

The events were also in remembrance and honor of  Anthony LaMere, Nebraskan and Winnebago Tribal Member, who passed away in active duty on July 1, 1971 –  the very day the 26th Amendment was ratified into the U.S. Constitution. Mr. LaMere was 20 years old at his death.

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