Corporations are NOT people! Money is NOT speech!

Corporations are not people. Period!

As a citizen, you have the right to create a corporation — you have the right to vote, but the corporation you create does not. The 2010 Citizens United court ruling has taken the power of government out of the hands of real people.

We need to fix this by passing a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Go here to sign my petition demanding Congress act now!

Over the last four years, Citizens United and the SuperPACs it created degrade our elections with nationwide attack ads fueled by undisclosed corporate cash.

Without a doubt, the billions of dollars being spent to influence our elections each year is working — for the corporations. But our elected officials should never be determined by anonymous attacks and hidden entities that answer to no one.

They should be decided by us — because we can vote and the corporations cannot!

Help save our democracy by signing our petition.

If we are ever going to get Washington working, we have to restore accountability and fairness back into the system.

That starts by passing a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Thank you,

Dave Domina

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(Editors Note: As of 2/10/14 over 20,000 people have signed Dave’s petition)