Domina a hit at Harvest of Hope

I must first admit that the inspiration for this letter came from my observations of an extremely diverse group of Nebraskans who gathered together for the Harvest the Hope concert in Neligh two weekends ago. The eight thousand or so attendees congregated for many different causes. Many were there to see and hear the music of legends Willie Nelson and Neil Young, but many others came to participate in the democratic option of peaceful protest, a lynch pin of our constitution.

There were even a few politicians who dared wade into the middle of such an eclectic group of concert-goers. Some of those running for elected positions were there with very local concerns, but I did marvel at the openness and deep understanding of Nebraska and our national issues shown by Dave Domina.

He is running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Mike Johanns.

Unlike his Republican rival Ben Sasse, who appears to be running not on issues, but rather on the ultra conservative platform of no new taxes, Domina is more than willing to discuss issues at most any time and any venue. Sasse’s signing of Grover Nordquist’s pledge of no taxes is NOT something to be proud of. Solving our country’s major problems — and there are, unfortunately, many — requires a serious dialogue, not a “non starter” of just saying “no.”

The corrupting influence of money on politics is a fact of life in our country, and the out-of-state political contributions granted Sasse are a cause for major concern. Do we really believe such huge political contributions to any candidate isn’t considered, frankly, buying votes?

I have had conversations with and listened to Domina several times during this election cycle, and found him to be very well educated in Nebraska issues.

He has, unlike some of his opponents, shown up for each and every forum and debate out there to answer our concerns and objections. His willingness to be there for Nebraskans is obvious. After his concert remarks and watching his stellar public presence, I think sending Domina to Washington will serve all of us well.

Jerry Vaughan, Broken Bow

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