Nebraska can be proud of Domina

I had the privilege of watching Attorney Dave Domina at the Senatorial candidates’ debate in North Platte on Sunday. I was thoroughly impressed by his ability to recall and succinctly present the facts on a broad variety of topics.

I first met Mr. Domina at a meeting about a year ago at the Beatrice Library. I remember thinking, “Here is a reasonable voice, someone who can bring an intelligent viewpoint to Washington.” Like many Nebraskans who have taken the opportunity since then to attend one of his many town meetings around the state, I’ve become more and more impressed.

When I was younger, I thought that people who represent us in Washington spoke and acted exactly the way Dave Domina did in Sunday’s debate. I grew up believing that our representatives in Washington were as intelligent, well-informed, well-spoken and well-prepared as is obviously natural to Domina.

We Nebraskans need someone in Washington who will be fair and reasonable, a Senator who will help us reign in big money and make sure that we have a society that works for all Americans, a society that follows the laws and principles we have already set in place.

We need someone who is not beholden to special interests or to Koch money, someone whose loyalties aren’t pre-committed to the most extreme elements in U.S. politics. We need someone who already has experience in fighting successfully for Nebraskans on issues that matter.

(It’s worth noting that, when the Nebraska Cattlemen needed someone to represent them in a major court case, they went to Dave Domina.)

Nebraska has a history of sending some all-star moderate voices to Washington – William Jennings Bryan comes to mind as one who made some tremendous contributions to essential discussions on a national level. Dave Domina falls right into that group. He already has a proven track record as a public servant. As our Senator, he will be someone Nebraskans can all be proud of, someone who stands in the best tradition of Nebraska’s political discourse, a true statesman.

I hope we as Nebraskans still have the ability to look beyond party labels and partisan rivalries, just as we have done so in the past. Let’s elect Dave Domina as our Nebraska Senator.

Dr. Merlin Friesen, Filley