Domina Gets Young Voters’ Vision

Politicians almost always refer to the young generation as “the future,” and rightfully so, physically and mentally. Yet the behaviors and policies of those same politicians in government threaten to destroy that future.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, voting rates for 18- to 24-year-olds in the 2012 election were a dismal 38 percent. Partisanship, lack of accomplishment and — most important — the inability of politicians to address issues relevant to youth are most likely the causes of young people’s disillusionment with government.

Dave in Seward

Young people need to understand that although one vote may seem insignificant, each vote is counted. And the spreading of a message to others turns one vote into thousands, which can make a difference.

In Dave Domina, I believe I have found a U.S. Senate candidate who aligns with young people’s vision of government.

He is informed, genuine and ready to address the issues important to my generation. He doesn’t just perpetuate empty rhetoric.


Once students and young adults realize the power of voting, we can elect qualified, intelligent, reasonable candidates like Domina.

I highly encourage all those in my generation, and all Nebraskans, to vote Nov. 4.

– Gino Nuzzolillo, Omaha

Response from Dave:

Gino – thank you for your words of encouragement to younger voters! With the help of engaged and active participants in our democracy like yourself and others we can make a difference – we can create a better Nebraska and ensure opportunity equality for all.

Please join us  & Volunteer to make this a reality!