Domina is Different

U.S. Senate candidate Dave Domina is not your typical politician.


How often have you heard, “We’re tired of Washington politics?” “Throw the whole gang out.” Here’s your chance to make a start. Vote Dave Domina for Senate.

Domina is not a Washington politician, nor is he tied to a Washington-based lobbyist. Domina is not tied to the Obama Administration either.
His campaign does not have the out-of-state money connections such as anti-ag Club for Growth and Koch Brothers-funded Americans For Prosperity.

You will not be buried in negative TV ads nor over burdening by phone calls.

Domina is all Nebraskan. He graduated from Coleridge High School in northeast Nebraska. He graduated from the University of Nebraska Law School, and he has practiced law for Nebraskans his entire life.

This is a very important election. Please support lifelong Nebraskan Dave Domina.

– Carol Schooley, Grand Island