Candidate Looks to Bring Strong Voice as Senator

SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb.  – Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator Dave Domina is tired of the common rhetoric of politicians reaching across the aisle to one another. “We are one United States. We need someone with a clear strong voice,” he said. “I believe I am that voice for Nebraska.”

He discussed many of the issues confronting Nebraskans, including the Keystone Pipeline.

“Pipelines are not a major issue. I’m not against pipelines when they are owned by responsible companies that communicate with the landowners,” Domina said.

He added TransCanada has land where it can put the pipeline, but wants it put it in an area where harm might be done and has not taken into consideration the landowners.

“The oil is not going to be put into our oil market, but a foreign market,” Domina said.

The president needs to be careful moving forward on the decision, he added.

Domina continued the Affordable Health Care Act was flawed from the beginning. He added that even the president knew it, but said there is not a good way to merge the (insurance) plans.

“There needs to be a fix,” he said.

Domina said the do nothing approach by Congress to advance the Farm Bill was “a sin.”

“I hope it is passed next week,” he said. “The food components need to stay as well as the farm. The two have become pawns in the political process.”

He continued that separating the two would mean hurting farmers, as they would not have enough support for their bills.

Domina has entered the race as a Democrat, though he has been an Independent in the past. He added he would always conduct himself independently for the good of Nebraska.

“I’m going in as a Democrat for a couple of reasons. One is because I will not sign the tax pledge, which every Republican candidate that is running for Senate has,” he said.

Domina doesn’t think the pledge is a good way to approach the tax situation.

“I can make the case, not just as a party member, but an American,” Domina said, that Nebraska isn’t as “Red” as others claim.

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