Domina’s Vision for America: Break Gridlock, Improve People’s Lives

OMAHA, Neb – The Omaha World Hearld requested U.S. Senate candidates Dave Domina and and his opponent Mr. Sasse write 650 words answering the question – “What do you want to accomplish in the U.S. Senate?”

The writer, Dave Domina, is the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate.

As a U.S. senator, I will strive to do what is best, in the long term, for Nebraskans and Americans.

Our nation’s Constitution will be my guide; its laws will be my tools. Nebraska’s people will be my resources. Their betterment will be my goal. This will be my defining goal as a U.S. senator.

I am prepared by a life that cuts across the spectrum, since birth in a midwife’s home and youth on the farm. It includes work on Nebraska’s biggest problems since military service brought me home — farm and banking crises, impeachments of officials, defense of capital charges, responses to massive frauds and unfairness against our citizens, and standing up to huge corporations and powerful politicians.

The best decisions are measured, reasonable, practical and focused on what is best for everyone. Extremism has no place in public life and does not go well in private life, either.

Recklessness leads to breaking things. Selfishness leads to ineffectiveness. Change requires patience.

Nebraskans are not extremists. Things must be done in steps: personal preparation; use of a constructive process; and decision-making driven by well-defined, unwavering principles.

I will establish myself as reasonable, reliable and credible with as many other senators as possible as quickly as possible. This will be done with hard work and self-presentation as a thoughtful person who is passionate about reasonable solutions, who is nonpartisan and who makes sound decisions.
Intelligent independence, measured sentences spoken when timely and both quiet and bold leadership as the circumstances require will be my personal hallmarks. Colleagues will think of me as the dependable, fair-minded senator from Nebraska.

Credibility established with colleagues will be used along with the Senate rules to analyze, dissect, write, rewrite, negotiate and pass laws. This will establish me as influential at committee hearings and meetings. I will be respected for the ability to see solutions that mold many points of view into a position most can support.

I will master, and work to change, Senate rules and the Senate-House conference processes to eliminate filibustering and gridlock. Hearings will be used to garner information and facts, not to make political statements.

Service on the Agriculture, Judiciary and Armed Services Committees will be goals. These will be priorities:

  • Fund the national defense responsibly and pay all promised veterans benefits.
  • Pay promised Social Security benefits without cuts and protect Medicare.
  • Pass a budget, live within it and protect America’s credit abroad. Protect production of food and its distribution to our citizens.
  • Eliminate tax loopholes that drive jobs overseas and allow multinational corporations to avoid tax — forcing all others to pay their share as they get by.
  • Spend through direct decision, not tax exemptions or credits, and make the income tax fair and progressive.
  • Bring manufacturing home and spike job growth with investment in renewable and alternative energy and infrastructure. End subsidies and credits to fossil-fuel producers and companies.
  • Make affordable health care work so plans are not dropped, premiums do not spike and coverage is reasonable. Treat Medicaid funds like highway trust funds to ensure use by all states.
  • Make the minimum wage a reasonable alternative to federal welfare programs. Unless the minimum wage is a true alternative to federal assistance, it is not an incentive to get off those programs.
  • Ensure fair treatment and equal protection under the law for all persons regardless of status or circumstances. Ensure equal opportunities and prevent unfair concentrations of wealth, power or legislative advantages.
  • Seek to return federal investment to Nebraska at two times the current rate. This will bring Nebraska about even with New Mexico, which is our state’s size.
  • By all these things, eliminate gridlock, restore bipartisanship and deliberation, and renew America’s image as the greatest nation in the family of nations.