Domina has been a friend to, advocate for Nebraska cattlemen, Ag interests

A few years ago, we decided to become non-partisan voters in our county, Arthur, Nebraska, (population 250), a predominately conservative community. It was not easy to do being raised Republican and obligated to vote that way. We wanted to be independent and objective thinkers in order to “vote our conscience.”

Unfortunately, many votes are cast along party lines in rural Nebraska without concern for a candidate’s merits, background or reasons for seeking political office.

We fear that Nebraskans will elect Ben Sasse to be our next U.S. Senator because he is a Republican, instead of voting for the most qualified candidate, Dave Domina.

We know Dave personally. He represented cattlemen in a class action lawsuit. We worked with Dave for 10 years prior to Federal Court in Montgomery, Ala.

He and his staff compiled factual evidence on behalf of cattlemen across the country and presented a winning argument against anti-competitive practices to 12 jurors.

He took on a billion dollar corporation without fear or intimidation.

He could not be bought off or forced to settle against our wishes. He believed in us and fought for what was right against huge odds.

Dave Domina is a man of honesty, integrity and intelligence. He is a proven leader. He is not worried about money or power, and he is running for office to represent common people against the huge corporate interests that hold so much power in Washington.

By contrast, according to the website, Ben Sasse has received almost $6 million in campaign contributions — much of it from out-of-state and donors who do not support agriculture and property rights. What will he owe those donors in return?

Vote with us for Dave Domina to lead as the next U.S. Senator from Nebraska.

Bob and Terry Rothwell, Hyannis

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