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Leveling the Playing Field

Our markets are dominated by too few — as Wall Street deal after deal goes down no one is prosecuted. Our small businesses get backbreaking regulations because lobbyists use them as human shields to get what they want for their big business clients. Who is speaking for you?

Our jobs are outsourced. Our assets are bought up. Our debt is owed to our biggest foreign competitor, and we do nothing about it.

Our billionaire class grows and our middle class shrinks. To gather up $1 billion in the pocket of 1 person takes $10,000 out of the pockets of 100,000 families. That’s the math.

We cannot allow companies to get ever bigger, manipulate “free” markets, outsource more jobs, CEO compensation packages rise to 8 and 9 figures while more opportunities dry up for workers and small business owners, or build taller barriers to entry for our aspiring independent businesses.

We must be friendly to new businesses, and companies who want to compete fairly in America. Government must be about protecting the middle. Let’s get this done!

Opportunity inequality of any kind has no place in America:

The minimum wage has to be a meaningful alternative to poverty and federal dependency:

We must invest in ourselves. This is not done by allowing 6 banks to hold 65% of all of the money of all of the people, and companies and levels of government in all of the United States. We must break them up, not let them break us down. We can get this done:

You want tax relief? Look at the real problem:

Unfair Tax Shifting to You