A Great Nation Keeps Its Promises

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Keeping Promises

A Nation gives its word by passing a law, and asking, demanding or allowing its people to make choices in their lives that are irreversible and fundamental to them. This is the essence of democracy.

Social Security taxes collected to finance retirement, Medicare taxes financed to pay for health care during retirement, Veterans benefits earned by time served, are all examples. These are essential government services exchanged for payments to the Government’s program, or for service rendered to the government as Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen or Marines.

Once the Nation’s word is given and people act on that word, the Government cannot pull the rug out from under its own People.

Social Security

Do you want to give  Social Security to the Wall St. Bankers that brought us the 2008 crash?  I support, and defend the Social Security System, current COLAs, delivery of promised benefits, and oppose raising the qualification age on terms that would be harmful to innocent victims who are members of demographic groups for whom there is no expectation of increased longevity like that enjoyed by persons of substantial means. We must protect seniors, disabled persons, and children who have lost their parents.


Mr. Sasse will vote to raid the Social Security Trust Fund and privatize it. I do not believe Wall St. should manage your Social Security? Here are some of Mr. Sasse’s positions as told to the Omaha World Herald on May 4th 2014:

Sasse Will Privatize Social SecurityFor more on my Social Security position – Learn More Here


We must resist making Medicare a voucher system and insist that Medicare benefits are a promise we must keep. Our current U.S. Senators favor a voucher system where the government will tell you what aliments, illnesses and diseases you can be treated for and will cut you off when you use up your vouchers – even if you still need more medical care. This is not the America we stand for. Medicare benefits represent a successful and efficient program, and I oppose giving this massive block of government services to private companies to operate at inflated retail costs instead of continuing to administer them successfully as they are.


Veterans’ Benefits

Not because I am a Veteran, but because I am an American, I refuse to cut the budget by cutting Veterans, pensions or benefits, or the promised pensions or Veterans benefits for those serving and firmly oppose the budget scheme which would do exactly this. Our current U.S. Senators take the opposite view. Only my position will protect Veterans, and those now serving our Nation.

Our National Defense is our National Priority and it can only be attended to when our government is open.

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