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The Constitution

Few know what it feels like to be the only person standing between an American and the electric chair. I do.

In moments like those I can tell you the Constitution is pretty important and a vast knowledge and understanding of how it works and how to apply it is critical. As a JAG Officer in the Army, I defended fellow soldiers. Today, I work with the Constitution every day of my professional life.

I have repeatedly successfully challenged the government in defense of personal liberties and the Constitution and won.

Whether it was getting the State’s property tax declared unconstitutional or standing with landowners defending their property rights against a foreign oil corporation – I have been there and done that.

Many say the word “constitution” without having a clue. I’ve lived the constitution on a daily basis and in the most high-stakes situations.

Defending the Constitution, standing with and fighting for Nebraska family farmers and ranchers against Big Oil interests:


Advising on the State’s Constitution and fixing Nebraska’s Banking Crisis in the ’80’s:


Honoring the 43rd Anniversary of the 26th Amendment. Story HERE.

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