Create Sustainable Energy Jobs Now

Thank you to Ross Knott for the tour of the 27-turbine wind farm near Petersburg. Alternative energy development helps all of us and especially our rural communities by providing quality job opportunities and boosting the overall economy. Let’s end Big Oil subsidies and get serious about Wind and Solar projects.

My work on energy has produced big results, not just talk. I stood up for Nebraskans, landowner rights, and the environment, in the Supreme Court on Sept 5th. You can watch me fight for Nebraska on CSPAN HERE (at 14:33). The case is historic for Nebraska and important for the Nation. We stopped the Keystone XL pipeline in its tracks; we kept it out of the ground. TransCanada used its money and lobbyists to try to get its way. We used the law and good sense! Nebraskans know how to be neighbors, and to conserve precious resources. TransCanada knows how to spend big money on politics to get its way… until citizens stand up to it.

I am honored to stand with courageous Nebraskans Randy Thompson, Susan Dunavan and Suz Straka against Big Oil. By the way, I have never asked, do not know and do not care, what political party or affiliation any of these 3 landowners may have. We are united on an issue; we can disagree while respecting and caring for each other on issues. This is how the Senate must work for the good of our Nation. Issue by issue, there are problems and solutions, not partisan divides. Approached this way, the aisle gets torn out!

Nebraska has unmatched untapped wind power potential waiting to be unlocked. The status quo and inertia preventing Nebraska from leading the country in wind power generation are politicians, like my opponent, beholden to Big Oil and Big Coal. More of the same is keeping Nebraska stuck and a sustainable job boom stalled.

I need your vote so together we can embrace all that Nebraska can be. A vote for my opponent is a vote for the desires of outside big money increasing their profits – not Nebraska’s potential.