Want a better economy & more jobs? Identify the problem first.

Are you tired of hearing politicians talk about jobs in the same old way – lip service with no new ideas? I am. Consider changing IRS incentives driving jobs and economic opportunity out of the U.S. Consider embracing competition in the marketplace rather than our current false “free” market system rigged to the advantage of huge corporations over the interests of small businesses.

As a small business owner for over 30 years I understand the struggles. As a lawyer who has fought against these trends for decades I understand the problems and the way to get them fixed.

Our current laws encourage shipping good quality jobs out of the U.S. overseas. Instead of focusing on “Made in the U.S.A.” we send our technology and manufacturing to other countries rather than keeping them here where we desperately need them. Presuming we share a goal of having a robust economy and a strong country – these policies are destructive to that objective.

If we ship 10,000 jobs overseas and out of the U.S. and on the same day an American based business hires 5,000 people – did we create 5,000 jobs or lose 5,000 jobs? Let’s get serious and talk net numbers.

Join me and let’s tackle the root of the problem and stop just talking about it.